With the legacy of family business catering to agricultural, commercial and industrial customers dealing in pumps, lubricants, gen-sets, pipes and fittings and now venturing into solar products, moving to a different and young setup by experienced, professional and enthusiastic entrepreneur, with the innovative bend of mind. We are different, flexible, innovative and a little bit of experimental also.


Innovation in everything we do. Providing products which are energy efficient, ecofriendly and socially responsible. Achieving excellence through giving quality products and services to give our customers a delightful experience.


We are committed to protect Earth’s natural resources specially by providing solar solutions. We try to deliver products by products which are manufactured with minimum impact to the environment in the mind. We are sure we can bring confidence and style to your life and can make a positive and ecofriendly difference. We really have no choice but to go back to Green life style.Each one of us. Our small but efficient team will follow it by being ethical and delivering true products.

What sets us apart?

We are a solution provider, we have focused our expertise to create solution tailored to your specific need. We refine and enhance our offer to meet your unique need individually. We do this because we know that we must create a solution which is absolutely right for you. We’ll give you the help you need to get the right product and services.