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Solar Rooftop Supplier


Solar Rooftop Supplier

These are the steps which takes place during solar energy generation

  • Radiation falls on Solar Panels
  • This radiation are then converted into DC current
  • DC Current then passes through Copper Cables to reach Inverters
  • Inverters convert DC current into AC Current
  • AC Power is fed to the building electrical load.

These also broadly happen to be the steps to calculate energy generation

Calculate Solar Radiation

Use Weather Databases: This is the most commonly used means to get radiation data and we have 3 alternatives here too:

 NASA: Has 12% inaccuracy for India and is FREE of COST

      • METEONORM: Has 7% inaccuracy for India and comes at a cost
      • SOLARGIS: Has 4 – 7% inaccuracy for India and comes at a cost


Calculate Radiation that falls on panel

The above radiation calculated is the radiation that falls on horizontal surface. However, it is important that the solar panels installed at any location in Earth’s Northern Hemisphere face south direction and panels installed in Southern Hemisphere face North Direction. The direction is important and so is the angle on inclination.

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One of the key advantages available to Solar Power Projects is Exemption from paying Excise Duty and Customs Duty on Equipment used in setting up a solar power plant. This was available only to large Utility Scale power plants till now. However, according to the Office Memorandum issued on 28th November, 2014, the benefit of Excise Exemption is available to rooftop and off grid solar projects as well. This helps in saving the Excise Duty of 12.5% on most Solar Equipment, thus, reducing the cost of installation.

However, there are 2 conditions which should are imposed :


  • Rooftop Solar Projects are eligible only to get only Excise Exemption and not Customs
  • Excise Exemption can be taken for a minimum capacity of 100 kW on a single or bundled project


    • Online Registration(7 days)

You need to make an account for the project on MNRE Portal using a unique email ID not used before to get any exemption certificates. Therein, the following details need to be filled:

      1. Name of Solar Project CEO: [Please nominate the person who shall be readily available for signing the material dispatch documents as this activity generally trickles to last minutes and is a recurring activity]
      2. Developer Name: [Full Name of the firm]
      3. Address: [Exact address of the location where solar plant is to be installed]
      4. Mobile No.: [of the CEO of the Solar project nominated above]
      5. Email ID: [of the CEO of the Solar project nominated above]


    • State Nodal Agency Approval (3 – 10 days)

After submitting the BoM online, 3 files need to be prepared with the following documents:

      1. Bill of Materials (once it is approved by MNRE) after signing by the CEO and certified by Chartered Engineer
      2. Cover Letter
      3. Proof of Possession of Roof/Building for Solar Project
      4. MoA/AoA of the Project Owner Company
      5. Self Certified Affidavit confirming that the certificates would be used only for the project for which they are being taken
      6. CA Certificate for Project Cost
      7. Power Evacuation Permission (if applicable)
      8. Single Line Diagram of the Plant
      9. Layout of the Plant
      10. Detailed Project Report (DPR)


    • MNRE Approval & Exemption Certificates (7 – 15 days)

On submitting these file to MNRE, MNRE checks and approves the documents. MNRE may ask for technical clarifications, particularly for cable and structure quantities. Once the approval is given, you can log into the MNRE portal again and start printing the Excise Exemption Certificates from the MNRE website by giving the details of the vendor and its excise jurisdiction where the certificate would be submitted.

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Are you tired of the exorbitant electricity bills every month? Those are just going to get higher. If your bill is more than expected then it is time to go solar. In fact leasing or buying solar panels are beneficial in a number of ways.

    • Helps in keeping the environment clean

Solar panels helps in reducing your carbon footprint. By the use of solar energy, we can reduce the usage of fossil fuels and take a step forward towards a cleaner environment. As we know, the sun’s energy is unlimited, so we can easily use it to generate electricity.

    • Helps in saving money

We all are well aware about the increasing rates of electricity with time. The most popular reason why people want to go solar is because there is a possibility to save money as there is no increment of electricity rates at your house for the next 20 years.

    • Helps in adding value to your house

If you want to sell your house, the buyers would also want to save money. Even if you want to lease your house, everyone will prefer it as they can look at the panels and realize that they have to pay a lower electricity bill than the average.

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