What are CPHM pumps?

An electric motor or engine drives the CPHM pump. And it has a back-pull-out design which allows the rotating unit of the pump for inspection and repaired without bothering the pipe. Also, the casing of the CPHM pump has axial suction and top center-line delivery. Plus, the smooth hydraulic passages ensure the highest efficiency of the pump.

steel pipelines and cables in a plant,Industrial zone.

Where are CPHM pumps used?

The CPHM pumps are mainly used for the following purposes-
Booster services
Air conditioning
Sprinkler system

What are the features of the CPHM pump?

The CPHM pump from Lohia Sales is the best and has many features. And this makes it suitable for usage in various concerns. So, you can find the below-mentioned features-
Conforms to DIN 24256/ISO 2858
Delivery size from 20mm to 200mm
Back-pull-out design with gland packing/mechanical seal
50 HZ/60 HZ availability
Capacity up to 750 m3/hr
Head up to 480 ft. (150 meters)
Temperature (-) 30 degree Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius

Workers standing and checking beside working oil pumps.

What will it cost if I buy from CPHM pump distributors in Haryana?

You can get CPHM pumps from Lohia Sales at the best price. So, as a CPHM pump distributor in Haryana, we have the best quality CPHM at a reasonable cost. We have all that you need. Hence, we understand our customer’s demands and offer them budget-friendly products and services. Besides, the average price of CPHM pumps is roughly INR 17,600/unit. You can contact us for the best price quotes for the utility pumps.

Who is the best CPHM pump supplier in Haryana?

If you are searching for the top quality water pump, then Lohia Sales can be the right choice. We are among the leading CPHM pump suppliers in Haryana. Also, we are an authorized water pump dealer in the state. We have a complete series of CPHM pumps ideal for multiple usages. Plus, our range of water and utility pumps is durable and cost-effective. Besides, we have many customers across the country. All our consumers are satisfied with our products and services. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Thus, we offer only the best to our customers.
You can’t go wrong while investing in any tool or machinery for your business, or even domestic use for that matter! Since it can cause problems and may result in heavy expenses. Hence, get in touch with us to get fantastic deals on CPHM pumps today.

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