Improve Your Mechanical System's Performance With The best Lubricants

We at Lohia Sales offer industry-standard lubricants at the most affordable price. Lubricants can help you to reduce the friction of your mechanical system. Keep your production running smoothly and efficiently with our top-quality products. We are one of the leading lubricant dealers in Gurgaon with years of experience in the industry. You can call us at 9896276613 or visit our shop at Lohia Mechinery Store to meet your needs. We are always ready to assist you.

Why do industries use lubricants?

There are a number of reasons why industries or mechanical systems need lubricants. Lubricants make things smooth and slippery to move and reduce friction. Without a smooth surface, moving a heavy thing will be quite difficult. As well as that, mechanical parts need slippery surfaces to move smoothly. This is why applying lubricants to the mechanical system is necessary after a certain time period. Using lubricants can help to:

  • Move the mechanical system more smoothly.
  • Increase productivity 
  • Keep the machines in good condition
  • Lessen friction, operating temperature
  • Reduce corrosion

Looking for reputable Lubricant Dealers in Gurgaon?

The lack of adequate lubrication can cause machinery to malfunction and eventually break down. As important as any other material or task held by industries, industrial lubricants are no exception. And we are offering the best quality lubricants at the most reasonable price. You can call us directly if you have any questions regarding our products.

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Offering wide types of lubricants to meet your industry needs

The importance of lubrication throughout the industry cannot be overstated. Lohia Sales provides different types of lubricants to meet your needs. You can contact us according to your needs to get the best quality product. Our products include

Grease lubricant 

Grease is a semi-solid lubricant that remains in contact with moving surfaces and resist leaking out under gravity, centrifugal action, or pressure. Rolling bearings, enclosed gears, wire ropes, slides, and seals are among the industrial applications that utilise grease lubricants. 

Gear lubricant 

Gear lubricant with organosulfur-containing fluid offers high viscosity. It is specially made for transmissions, automobiles, and other machinery.

Rust preventive lubricant

Metal surfaces are lubricated with rust-preventive oils to prevent air corrosion. Due to their polar chemical composition, they adhere to metal surfaces and prevent corrosion.

Cutting lubricant 

Many basic materials can be used to make cutting fluids, including petroleum vapor, air, water, plant oils, and animal fats. A special kind of coolant and lubricant called cutting fluid is used in metalworking operations like stamping and machining.

Hydraulic lubricant

The hydraulic lubricant is specially made for hydraulic machinery or equipment. The mineral-based lubricant is also known as hydraulic fluid or hydraulic oil.

Transformer lubricant 

High-voltage electrical components such as transformers, capacitors, switches, and circuit breakers are insulated with transformer oil or lubricants.

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