Lohia Sales provide superior quality lubricant products. With years of experience in this business, we understand our client’s needs very well. We provide high-quality MAK lubricants in Manesar that increase the life of your valuable equipment. Our wide range of products is suitable for various applications. Hence, our products are the best for your valuable machinery and business.

Where are MAK lubricants used?

MAK lubricants are high-quality lube oils with anti-oxidation features. It has high shear stability and protects against corrosion, oil degradation, and thickening. And this lubricant is formulated such that it can operate in the most severe or harsh conditions. So, it is suitable for heavy-duty diesel engines as well. Below listed are some major areas where MAK lubricants are highly used-

  • Heavy-duty and light commercial vehicles
  • Multi-utility vehicles
  • Tractors and 3-wheelers
  • Gensets
  • Besides, MAK lubes offer a higher level of protection to older diesel engines, large/small non-turbocharged or turbocharged diesel engines.
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What are the benefits of MAK lubes?

The following are the top benefits of using MAK lubricants-

  • It has high resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation. And thus, it offers high protection to engine oil at higher temperatures.
  • MAK controls sludge build-up and prolongs the oil life.
  • It enhances the engine life and reduces high maintenance expenses.
  • Also, it protects various vital parts of the engine and ensures high performance.
  • MAK lubes have excellent shear stability. And it protects against the corrosive wear of engine parts as well.
  • It offers uniform cooling and confirms the longer life of the engine parts.
  • Plus, MAK lubes are environment-friendly and are boron, amine, silicate, and phosphate-free formula.
  • It protects against clogging, scale build-up, rust, and liner pitting. Also, it protects non-metallic parts like hoses and gaskets.

Why choose us for buying MAK lubricants in Manesar?

You can find the best quality MAK lubricants in Manesar at Lohia Sales. We are among the leading, and well-known MAK lubes dealers in Manesar. Also, we have a vast experience in this industry. We provide premium quality lubes that will maximize your machines’ working. So, we deliver the best products for our client’s needs.

Besides, our team can help you know what’s best for you. At Lohia Sales, you can find a wide range of MAK products. Hence, you can easily choose the suitable one for your business. Client satisfaction is our top priority. Thus, we offer only the best at affordable pricing. You can contact us for further product details and price quotes.

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