We Offer Powerful Solar Inverters With Long Battery life in Rewari

A solar inverter plays a crucial role in a solar panel system. It is a device that transforms solar panels’ direct current electricity into the alternating current electricity needed by the power system.

A quality inverter can manage a range of loads without wasting energy. Besides, lightning surges from neighboring thunderstorms are effectively avoided. If you have a solar setup, you do need an inverter. Lohia Sales gives you the ideal inverter for your requirements. As an industry-leading solar inverter supplier in Rewari, we offer quality solar inverters at the best price.

What does an inverter do?

An inverter automatically shifts from the main mode to the backup mode during power outages. This mode uses the charge stored in the batteries to power many appliances. The running appliances cease for a brief period while the inverter changes modes. After a short pause, they restart in backup mode. The inverter only powers the appliances connected to its supply; the remainder must wait until they receive electricity from the mains.
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Benefits of using the best Solar inverter

Adjustable Starting Current

The starting current of an AC motor is 7 to 8 times greater than the comprehensive current. A lower starting current means fewer motor snaps back and greater life through the AC drive. 

Easily alters the rotation’s direction.

AC drives are capable of handling frequent starts and stops. After altering the rotation command, it just requires a tiny current to change the direction of rotation.

Less power line disruptions

A voltage drop that results from initiating an AC motor all across the line exerts a significant strain on the electricity distribution network. Electrical equipment, such as computers and other devices, will flash when a huge motor starts. 

Soft Starters

The motor is started by an AC drive, which sends the power at a low frequency. Before reaching the target speed, the frequency and motor speed are gradually increased. For On conveyor belts and escalators, operators can easily adjust the acceleration and deceleration to prevent load dropouts.


Applications for fans and pumps gain a lot from AC drives. AC drives, which are superior to dampers and on/off switches, can cut energy use by 20 per cent to 50 percent by managing motor rotation.  

Mechanical drive components are dropped

Without gears or other mechanisms that increase or decrease speed, an AC drive can provide the high or low frequency that the load requires. 

Easy Installation

A pre-programmed AC drive is used in communication paths, motor leads, and auxiliary control power that have already been factory-wired.

Searching for the best solar inverter supplier in Rewari? 

When choosing a solar inverter in Rewari, there are a few things you should be aware of. For what purpose does the inverter want to be used? What components are in it, how long does it last, and how much does it cost? With Lohia Sales, you can be sure that you will receive the best inverters available. Our customer service staff will evaluate your requests. Lohia Sales offers a wide range of inverters based on your budget. If you’re looking best solar inverter supplier in Rewari, you can count on us.

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