What are the primary uses of the water pump?

A water pump is helpful for domestic, agricultural, and commercial purposes. So, the basic uses are supplying water, cooling industrial plants, gardening, irrigation, etc. And some other uses are-

  • Draining flooded areas
  • Construction work
  • Draining or filling the ponds or pools

What categories of water pumps do we have?

We have various types of water pumps to cater to all your needs. So, you can find the following types at Lohia Sales-
● CE and DB – These pumps are used for air conditioning, booster service, sprinkler system, and firefighting. Also, the CE and DB pumps have a back pull-out design wherein delivery size may vary from 32 mm to 150 mm.
● CPHM – These pumps can require an electric motor or engine its work. And it has smooth hydraulic passages that ensure high efficiency.
● DBL – These pumps are widely used in various applications. Like water supply & transfer, irrigation, farms, sprinkler, domestic uses, construction, and general industrial uses. Also, DBL pumps are high efficiency, easy to maintain, and long-lasting.
● KDS+ – These pumps are apt for gardening, minor farm irrigation, water supply for Agri & clear water handling, and are used in apartments, buildings, & hotels. Also, it can withstand voltage fluctuations from 180-240 Volts.
● MF – These are high-capacity pumps mainly used in air conditioning, irrigation, drainage, and stormwater.
● NS – These are single-stage leak-proof single suction pumps. And it can be offered in stationary and transportable arrangements.
● SHM – These are non-clog single-stage, single suction pumps. It comes in vertical and horizontal types, ideal for wet pit usage.
● SP & SPM – These pumps are used in many marines, industrial, mobile machinery, civil construction, and public utility applications.
● SR – These pumps are designed for boiler feed, dewatering in mines, and firefighting applications.
● UP – These are suitable mainly for power plants, irrigation, and water supply.
● Wonder I and II – These pumps are easy to maintain and valuable in domestic use, hospitals, and hotels.

Where can you find a reliable water pump dealer in Haryana?

Lohia Sales is the most reliable water pump dealer in Haryana. We provide a wide range of water pumps suitable for different usages. Also, we have vast experience in this field. And we provide the best quality to our clients. The cost of our water pumps is reasonable. Reach out to us today to get great deals on our water pump range.
What things to keep in mind while choosing a water pump?
You can consider the following points to buy the best water pump-
● The flow rate of the pump is a vital factor. So, for any home use, it should be between 100-200 litres. And for farms or other job sites, 2500 litres per minute is ideal.
● You must consider the type of water to be pumped, like firefighting, chemical, and trash pumps.
● Other factors include total head lift, suction head, size of the inlet valve, and gallons per minute.

Workers standing and checking beside working oil pumps.

Why buy water pumps from Lohia Sales?

You can’t go wrong while buying a water pump. And Lohia Sales offer a wide variety of water pumps for several uses. Also, our products are high quality and conform to the safety standards. We aim to provide quality products and services to our customers and give them a delightful experience. At Lohia Sales, you will undeniably get the right products for your needs.
Thus, we are among the top water pump distributors in Haryana. And commit that you will get durable and highly efficient products from us at the best prices.

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